New Horizons Panel III


New Horizons Panel III,refugees,kadira jennings

This is the third and final panel in the refugee, New Horizons triptych. When I initially designed this painting my intention was to express the hope and joy possible in new beginnings. Part of the inspiration for this work came from an installation that I saw online at Hahn Fine art. This installation was constructed using 51 Miles of fishing line, which was strategically placed and lit in a large room.

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What struck me was the beauty and flow of this image which you can see here. This gave me an idea for the final panel of the painting.

The figure of a young woman emerged early on in the painting and if you have seen the study of this work you will have noticed there is no figure in that study.

She seemed to me to embody the innocent creative beauty and power of nature. This seemed very appropriate for this panel considering how the previous panels suggest man’s careless of the trampling of the planet.

42″ x 33″

107x 84 cm

Oil on Canvas

Not For Sale Separately