Unveiling III

andscapes,contemporary art,kadira jennings,waitete,coromandel-peninsula

This is the third and final work in this small series, dealing with light, mist and the morning sky. Where as Unveiling I shows the whole of the scene, paintings II and III each provide a close up of  a different part of that first painting. Unveiling II looks at the right side of the mountains, whilst this work looks at the left side of the mountains, away from the brighter morning light.  Here the colours are more subdued and muted and we can notice some interesting colours in the mist as it bleeds away and the greens of the trees behind are reflected into the mist.

One thing I realised after I had been painting for a few years, is that I see the world differently to people who are not artists.  Therefore it is our gift as artists to offer that vision for those who haven’t learnt to notice the magic all around us in nature, and capture it on the canvas.

40″ x 40″

102 x 102 cm

Oil on Canvas

AU$ 1900