Born in Tauranga, New Zealand in 1952 Kadira Jennings is an artist whose mission is to bring to others a vision of the world that contains beauty and a deep soul connection to the subject under contemplation.

There are two main themes that under pin much of her work; the concepts of layering both literally within the work and through psychological symbolism. For many years, her work has involved the layering and fracturing of the images she worked with, at times, a reflection of her personal journey. This theme of fracturing has extended over a range of subjects and techniques, from her first solo exhibition ‘A Fractured Vision’, in 2000 with Charles Hewitt Galleries in Sydney, Australia, to her latest solo exhibition ‘New Horizons’ which was shown at Rubi Samadhi Gallery, on The Central Coast, NSW, in December 2016. The latter exhibition dealt with the subject of refugees and the fracturing of people’s lives as she examined the challenges, and hopes of refugees and displaced persons and the destruction of their cultural heritage.

The New Zealand landscape has always been a major influence in her work and a major source of inspiration for her. She has stated that New Zealand is her muse as it draws her back repeatedly. Her latest body of work was inspired by a trip to New Zealand in April 2016.  While there she took many photos of the Rotorua hot pools, and sculptures which commemorate the ANZAC’s. These images directly influenced several of the paintings in that body of work.

Jennings was educated at the Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland NZ and later studied in Australia under several notable Fine Artists, including, Judith White, Bela Iyani, and John Morris.

The medium of choice for this artist is oils on canvas or linen, although she has experience in many other mediums as well.

Jennings currently resides in Australia with her family and while she’s always creating, she also takes time to teach. She runs a private art school in Gosford, on the Central Coast of Australia with a roll of up to 40 students. She takes group and private lessons in the following mediums; watercolours, oils, acrylics, mixed media, and pastels, covering a diverse range of subjects from landscape, portraiture, and still life, to contemporary abstract painting and drawing.

Jennings work has appeared in 6 solo and 12 group exhibitions. Her most recent body of work was painted for her solo show in December 2016. Her work appears in public collections in Australia and New Zealand, including The Australian Associated Press and the Thames District Council in New Zealand. She has work in private collections in New Zealand, Australia, England, and Germany. She won the Margaret Smith Memorial Art Prize in 2000.

Her work was featured in the online magazine Crowd 2016 and will appear in Artsy Shark in 2017 and can be found also on line for purchase at