Dancing In The Dark I

Dancing Into The Light,dark-night-of-the-soul,dresses,fabric

Dancing In The Dark I is the first in a series of works in the New Romantic Genre which examine clothing and the part it plays in our lives.  The dresses in this painting are essentially the same ones as those to be found in Dancing In The Dark II.

 However here different starring roles are to be found.  There is also a deeper layer of meaning to the works in this series.  They examine a period in life where I was coming out of what is often referred to as ‘The Dark Night of the Soul.’ as the series progress, you will see a lightning, a lifting of the spirit as the soul gradually emerges into the light.

See below for more details of this work.

36″ x 36″

92 x 92 cm

Oil on Canvas

$ AU 1500

Dancing Into The Light,dark-night-of-the-soul,dresses,fabric,kadira-jennings