Dancing Into The Light

This work is also a further exploration of the Mythic Journey and an expansion of the study that I originally did for it. It’s interesting how much this painting differs from the first one.  It became a much more joyous painting as it took on a life of it’s own. Not the least of this aspect is the mysterious figure that appeared in the dark shadows as I was putting the finishing touches to the work!

One of the interesting things about working in a series, is that you never quite know where the journey is going to take you and where you start off from can end up in a very different place than where you thought it might. It’s a bit like going for a drive and selecting to take a drive down a road you’ve not explored before.  The territory is at once familiar and yet different.  So it was with this painting.  It surprised me right at the end, as I was finishing the dark strip on the left hand side of it.  All of a sudden a figure popped in that I had no intention of putting there and didn’t even notice, until I stood back and looked at it!

40″ x  36 “

101.6 x 91.44 cm

Oil on Canvas

$ US 1800

Below you can see some close up details of the work.

Dancing Into The Light - Detail

Dancing Into The Light - Detail,