Dancing With The Wind


36″ x 76″

91 x 193 cm

Oil on Canvas

$ US 4500

The subject matter of this work was informed by that of a previous painting .  I decided to take elements of the subject and work it into a much larger painting.    This work is also a work of Memory and Mystery. It’s subject was informed by and infused with a trip I took to New Zealand.  A friend and I spent a couple of hours throwing the dress into a tree and trying to capture the fabric billowing in the wind.

Dancing Into The Light,dark-night-of-the-soul,dresses,fabric


It took many incarnations of this work to get the background right. You can follow its progress below.

As I have said elsewhere, it took many incarnations of this work to get the background right. I thought I would post some of the progress shots of the work here for you to take a look at.  Let’s begin with the idea – a drawing…


As you can see there are several objects in the drawing that do not appear in the finished work. Are they there?

Let’s take a look at that….  Well no – the drawing was way to cluttered. Below is the under painting with NZ koru symbols and leaves from the Kowahai tree – NZ’s unofficial national flower.












With this work you can see I have laid in colour over the entire background and have begun to work the fabric.  My original intention for the work was to make the fabric floating on the breeze and have the flowers and leaves seen as if through a misty veil.  However after many attempts I gave up on that idea s I couldn’t get it to work!








The next photo shows that I have re-underpainted the fabric, as it was looking too insipid.  It didn’t have a strong enough colour underneath it.












In the next photo  you can see, the work is much further along.



However I was still not happy with the fabric – now it looked too heavy and didn’t seem to float softly enough.  Also I wasn’t happy with the back ground colour, which by now had 5 coats of paint on it! The bars of plain colour at the ends were part of a photoshop experiment, trying to get the work to do what I wanted it to – unsuccessfully I might add. and then below – success finally!