Event Horizon



This is a dramatic piece and while it is not large it  would be deserving of a prominent place on your wall. Whilst fitting into most contemporary interiors, it could be a great conversation starter over wine and cheese, or dinner perhaps.  As the title suggests, one has gone beyond the point of no return. The painting may seem top heavy, it is. Our heads often overwhelm our  hearts, to no good outcome. In this  top section we can see some Maori symbols which relate to family. They are  speaking to that relationship and the challenges and protections it can bring.  Outside of it, and in between the thin red/orange line is a windswept landscape, barren and ambiguous. This is a place we often find ourselves, when cast out of relationship, or familiar territory (our homeland).  Within this context, the work further examines the balancing act we orchestrate once we commit to a particular course of action.

30″ x 24″

76 x 61 cm

Oil on Canvas