New Horizons Panel I

New Horizon Triptych,refugees,kadira_jennings
















This is the first panel in my New Horizons triptych although it was painted second.  It will only be for sale as part of the entire New Horizons Triptych.  This work again developed from one of the misty hot pools at Rotorua,

Rotorua hot pool,new horizons,refugees,kadira_jennings

Rotorua hot pool

although to look at it you would not think so.  I am including here a photo of that misty hot pool and the drawing that I worked up on top of it.

You may recognize the ruins of Palmyra here, with the figures lurking over the top. As I was creating the concept for this work, I came a cross a current news bulletin about the destruction of ancient artefacts in Syria due to the war with Isis. This painting therefore alludes to the other casualties of war, destruction of these irreplaceable artefacts and the loss of a people’s heritage.

42″ x 33″

107 x 64 cm