The Boat People

You Are Welcome Here,refugees

You Are Welcome Here

The boat people was developed from the work – You Are Welcome Here (see painting),. If you look at the top right hand corner you can see part of the image turned on its side. However it turned out to be quite different from its inspiration.  And as the painting progressed it became obvious it was about the boat people.

What is interesting is that Australia has a very poor record in terms of the way it’s welcomes refugees into this country and the boat people are often those who are under contention. In fact they are not even allowed to land here.  They are kept in appalling conditions very much like a prison camp in an offshore Island. These two paintings therefore express two diametrically opposed points of view in terms of dealing with the refugee situation.



The Boat People

24″ x 33″

61 x 84 cm

Oil on Canvas