The Line That Defines Our Dreams

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‘The Line That Defines Our Dreams’ takes a further look at the dilemma that we all face at some point of time in our lives. Some people, like refugees, are forced to cross the line we see in the painting, whether they want to or not. The line represents the thing that is stopping us from being where we would like to be. In the case of the refugee it is desiring safety and freedom and the line that they have to cross is represented here by the very physical wall at the bottom of the painting.

This work has several layers of meaning to it. The wall can represent a physical barrier or a psychological one, or even both. The wildness that we see at the top of the painting alludes to the unknown that we move towards. It contains hidden things shrouded within it which, if we have the courage we can step forward and uncover.

24″ x 30″

61 x  76 cm

Oil on Canvas