The Long Road To Freedom

The Long Road TO Freedom

The Long Road to Freedom, is a light filled painting which brings an energy of hope and strength into your home.  It has delicate turquoise and green passages, anchored by a warm dark at the bottom.  This painting like many in the series has a dual meaning. I think that you can apply many of the challenges refugees face,  to those that we all face in some way in our daily lives. Of course the challenges that we face are not as extreme but they are similar in nature and cause similar feelings to arise with us,  to a lesser extent.  There are many in the world who are not free. Even in Australia, where I live, there are over 5000 people being kept in domestic slavery.  Not to mention the millions worldwide, who are  victims of the modern slave trade, whether that is  as sex slaves or slaves to the production of things like coffee or the  products of technological advancement.

The Long Road to Freedom,  begins the depiction of this journey at the bottom of the work,  where all is darkness. You can see the path that the person must take, as it rises up the canvas.  This path travels up hills and down valleys and into unknown detours, until it reaches the distant horizon – and Freedom.

30″ x 18″

76 x 46 cm

Oil on Canvas