You Are Welcome Here

                      You Are Welcome Here,refugees,artwork, abstract painting,

This work is a continuation from Refugee. While I was in New Zealand in April, I heard on the radio that the people of Dunedin had welcomed many new refugees into their community with open arms.  I was blown away by the huge contrast between this treatment of refugees by the New Zealand people compared to the way Australia treats refugees. Australia won’t even let them land, but rather chooses to incarcerate them in what can only be called concentration camps, while they are being ‘processed’. This is a humanitarian outrage.

This work shows the fragility of the refugees – mother and child and the land itself welcoming them from across the sea. There is a great gentleness and welcoming from within the work, by the figure representing the land, which can be felt as you look at the painting.

24″ x 22″

61 x 56 cm

Oil on Canvas